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    Updated News (Tuesday, November 27, 2012)      Six (6) Audio Naat Albums of Mohammad Owais Raza Qadri, Imran Sheikh Attari & Mohammad Anis Saba has been added in the Audio Naat Section.    Twelve Audio Speeches has been added by Hazrat Allama Syed Muzaffar Hussain Shah in the Audio Speeches Section.    Ten Audio Speeches has been added by Hazrat Allama Mohammad Ilyas Attar Qadri in the Audio Speeches Section.    Ten Audio Speeches has been added by Hazrat Allama Mohammad Imran Attari in the Audio Speeches Section.    Five (5) Urdu Books has been added in the Urdu Books Section.  1. Hairat Angez Haadisa, 2.Halaat-e-Zindagi Hazrat Abdul Rahman Choharvi., 3.Hazrat Saad Bin Abi Waqaas, 4.Qasam Kay Baaray Mein Madani Phool, 5.Zakat Kon Ley Sakta Hai.
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Birth of a New Sect


History has shown that every new sect commenced as a social or political party, which, with public support and encouragement, develops into a religious sect. In the light of this knowledge, one sees clear signs of such a sect rising in South Africa in juxtaposition with the culture and constitution of the new South Africa.

The majority of Muslims in this country subscribe to the orthodox Sunni faith, which traces it's origin to the earliest source of Islamic history or tradition, and has for years managed to maintain it's pristine Islamic culture and values. The emergence of this new sect, from within the Muslim community, aims to undermine and defeat the vigour of this vibrant Sunni community.

We find, evidently, that amongst the strategies now being employed by this new sect, which has its root in the Wahabi Deobandi system of belief, and who have vociferously proclaimed Meelad and Salaam as "Bid'at" and "Haraam" now, surprisingly, mixing with the Sunnis. Suddenly their is surge of Zikr programmes (previously never held!) in their masajids and they are now participating in Jalsas and Meelad. They even permit Sunnis to perform Zikr and Salaam in their mosques. Their "schemes" involves partaking in Niyaaz not only in Meelads but also functions hosted by other religious groups. Furthermore, part of their strategy is to be actively involved in trade meetings and grab every opportunity to lecture and make themselves be heard.

Does this mean that there is a sudden change of heart? Have they suddenly realised that the Sunni path is the true and guided path? No. This is not their intention. Once they have succeeded in attaining our trust they begin to use us for commercial benefits and together with the forces of other enemies, they proceed to mislead and destroy our Sunni community.

Will the Muslim community silently allow this exploitation? Are we so uncaring to ignore such a threat to our Imaan? The trusting, guiless and simple Sunnis are impressed by these "dramas" and appoint these "actors" as their religious leaders.

There is a crying need for Sunnis to arm ourselves with knowledge and maintain a strong foothold of their Imaan.


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