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Welcome to web site. This web site is working under the guidance of Al-Haaj Syed Sabeehuddin Sabeeh Rehmani. In this web site you will find the Naat work done by the above Mentioned Al-Haaj Syed Sabeehuddin Sabeeh Rehmani.

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Introduction of Syed Sabeehuddin Sabeeh Rehmani


Syed Sabihuddin Rehmani

Date of Birth: 27th June,1965


Rehmani is a renowned name in the field of Na'at. He is not only a leading Na'at khawan but has initiated extensive research work to establish 'Na'at' as a genre for the first time in the history of Urdu literature. He has also inspired many people to do research work on a variety of Na'at dimensions in different institutes.

Academic Qualification :

Masters in Urdu Literature, University of Karachi.

Summary of Achievements

  • Editing & Publishing 'Naat Rang'; an erudite, internationally recognized journal on 'Naat' for the past ten years.
  • Heading 'Naat Research Centre', rendering qualitative research work on Naat being published in various languages of the world., since 1994.
  • Recognized as a leading 'Naat Khwan' in Islamic circles all over the world and has received a number of National and International awards.
  • He is frequently invited by various television channels as an anchor person and guest speaker.
  • Edited 'Aiwan-e-Naat' an anthology of Naat published in 1993.
  • Edited 'Ieeqan International' Karachi fron 1987 to 1992.
  • Chief 'Safeer-e-Naat Karachi since 1998.
  • Chief Advisor 'Lailut-Naat' Karachi since 1986 to 1989.
  • Chief Advisor 'Karwan-e-Naat' Lahore since its first issue.
  • Presently associated with Vanguard Mass Communication Network as Director Research & Business Development, since 2005.

Credentials & Awards

  • 'President's Award' for 'Naat Rang' Ministry of Religious Affairs Govt. of Pakistan (2004)
  • "Europak Award" by Europak Innsbruck, Asutria
  • 'Creative Poet award' from House of Commons, Canada.
  • 'Special Award' from Jamia Islamia, Canada.
  • Quad-e-Azam Youth Award (1993)
  • "Best Performance Award" by Radio Pakistan Karachi (1995)
  • "Best Performance Award" by ARY Digital Network Pakistan(2003)
  • "Best Performance Award" by ARY Digital Network Pakistan (2004)
  • "Best Performance Award" by SMGS College Karachi (2004)
  • "Best Performance Award" by Maulana Khustar Memorial Trust Mauritius (2007)
  • Nishan-e-Hassan-ul-Assr by haafiz Mazhar Uddin Naat Academy Makkah Saudia Arabia (2007)
  • Nishan-e-Sipaas by Arts Council of Pakistan karachi (2007)

Magazines & Book Published

In recognition of the meritorious efforts in the genre of Naat following articles and books have been written on his Naatiya poetry.

  • 'Pazeerai' (Karachi) contains articles on his poetry collection published in 1994.
  • Special edition of 'Baseerat international' Canada (2002).
  • Special edition of ' Safeer-e-Naat' Karachi (2002)
  • 'Jada-e-Rehmat Ka Musafir', a book written by Dr. Hasrat Kaasganjwion on his Natia Poetry.
  • 'Sana Khwan-e-Muhammed' (PBUH) Mujalla published in (2003)
  • 'Naat Aur Aadab-e-Naat' by Allama Kaukab Nurani.( collection of his letters written to him.)

Books by the Author:

  • 'Maah-e-Taiba' first collection of his Naatia Poetry published in 1998.
  • 'Jada-e-Rehmat' second collection of his Naatia poetry published in 1993.
  • 'Aiwan-e-Na'at', published by Mumtaz Publishers, 1993.
  • 'Hain Mawajih pe hum' published by Mumtaz Publishers Karachi. Fazli Sons Karachi published this book in the same year. It was again republished by 'Taj Company' 'New Dehli, India
  • 'Khawaboon main sunehri jaali hay' collection of his Naat compiled by Aziz Ahsan, published in 2001 & 2002.
  • 'Sarkar ke Qadmon Main' by Duaa Publications, 2006.

CDs of Sabeeh Rehmani

  • "Lab pe Na'at e Paak ka Naghma"..., by EMI.
  • "Yaad e Medina".., by Karachi Cassets Center, Lahore
  • "Sarkar Tawajjo Fermayein" Maktaba Ashrafia Karachi
  • "Sarkar key Kadmon main." by Karachi Cassets Center, Lahore
  • "Yaad e Haram" by FRS (Karachi)
  • "Anwar e Haramain" by FRS (Karachi)
  • "Ae Mediney ki Zameen" by FRS (Karachi)
  • "Hum Nabi ka Astan dekha kiye" by FRS (Karachi)
  • "Huzoor Ne Shajar-e-Sayadaar Main Rakha" by FRS (Karachi)



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