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Welcome to web site. This web site is working under the supervision of Hazrat Allama Mufti Mohammad Abbas Razavi (Damat Barkatahum-ul-Aaliya). In this web site you will find the Dars-e-Quran, Question & Answers, Speeches, Debates & Books by our above Mentioned Mufti Sahib.
!! Live Dars-e-Quran, Question/Answers, Speeches by Sher-e-Ahle Sunnat, Manazir-e-Islam, Hazrat Allama Qibla Mufti Mohammad Abbas Razavi (Damat Baratakhum-ul-Aaliya) daily at Paltalk.!! Details...

Hazrat Allama Qibla Mufti Mohammad Abbas Razavi (Damat Baraktahum ul Aaliya) has joined us again at Paltalk. Please join our room at 11:30 PST

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 Guestbook Number : 1 - Created on : Friday, December 14, 2018
Name Email Address
Syed Sameer
Home Page Country City/Area
- India Bangalore
Iam not finding any book in Roman script Urdu book can u help me fast Mujhe Urdu book Jo ki angreji lipi me ho woh Nahi mil rahi hai kyA aap mujhe jaldi se madad kar sakte Hain??
 Guestbook Number : 2 - Created on : Thursday, January 19, 2017
Name Email Address
Home Page Country City/Area
- India mumbai
Masha allah
 Guestbook Number : 3 - Created on : Monday, November 28, 2016
Name Email Address
Home Page Country City/Area
- United States CA
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 Guestbook Number : 4 - Created on : Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Name Email Address
Home Page Country City/Area
- Pakistan karachi
asslam o walikum janab ameer ahlay sunnat sb aap ki tawajh ka shukrea mushtaq sb nay hamary area muslim town north karachi ki kafi madad ki . jazak allah
 Guestbook Number : 5 - Created on : Friday, November 28, 2014
Name Email Address
Home Page Country City/Area
- Canada Calgary
نعت شریف عرضی قبول ھو تمںا ھے میری مولا عرضی قبول ھر لمہ ذکرِ اقا میرا معمول ھو ھو یاد یادِ دلبر مدیحہ حصول ھو گلدستہ نعت تیری میں عقیدت ھر پھول ھو تیری ثنا هے خواجہ ہدیہ قبول ھو شمار میرا اندر ثناء خوانِ رسول ھو سجی ھو یاد تیری تیرا خیال ھو زیبایی والضحٰ کا حسن و جمال ھو خدمت میں حاضر آپکی میرا یہ حال ھو نہ خیالِ غیر ھو نہ ھی سوال ھو صلوٰۃ و سلام تجھ پہ میری مقال ھو مدحت سرائی تیری اپنی مثال ھو فرقت میں آپ کی جب کوئی نڈھال ھو دعا میں شامل ان کی میرا بھی حال ھو راضی ھوں مجھ پہ آقا ایسا کمال ھو حرمِ مدینه میں دیدارِ جمال ھو دائم یہ حاضری دائم وصال ھو نہ عقبٰی خیال ھو نہ دنیا کا ما ل ھو محمود غرقِ دریا نوورِ جمال ھو خیرات اہلِ بیت سےیہ خوش حصا ل ھو
 Guestbook Number : 6 - Created on : Sunday, October 5, 2014
Name Email Address
Home Page Country City/Area
- United Kingdom london
I am a private lender and Investor, Do you need a legit, honest, reputable and quick loan?? I can help you, we offer business and individual loan for more details contact us at
 Guestbook Number : 7 - Created on : Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Name Email Address
syed Ather Ali
Home Page Country City/Area
- Saudi Arabia riyadh
Asslamualikm...I am in serious problems since 5 years...have been praying allot..reciting surh baqarah(41 days) And surah yaseen (41 times-daily)regularly after salah..but my issues are increasing daily without any reasons....i have been watching your channel and i need your support and answer for my would be kind enough if you help me out....i need to speak to you...!urgently.. my number-00966506106806 please do contact me..this is the only way your help can reach me.. my mothers name-Rehmat Unnisa my D.O.B-31/08/1959 Aap ki badi mehrbani hogi agar aap mujhe reply kare or meri madad kare..logon ke pass se humko paise aana hai or humlog ko b dusron ko paise dena hai....bhot pareshani horahi hai....jald se jald iska jawab dein.. shukria...
 Guestbook Number : 8 - Created on : Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Name Email Address
Home Page Country City/Area
Sir muje suhail raza amjadi shb ka 1.personel contact number 2.official number address in me se jo be available hai muje is muje is address( pr mail kr de.
 Guestbook Number : 9 - Created on : Friday, March 7, 2014
Name Email Address
عبدالقادر عرفانی عباسی
Home Page Country City/Area
- Pakistan karachi
ماشاء اللہ بہت بہتر سائیٹ ہے ۔۔۔۔سب کو دیکھنتی چاہیے۔
 Guestbook Number : 10 - Created on : Friday, December 27, 2013
Name Email Address
tarique aziz
Home Page Country City/Area
- India dhanbad
 Guestbook Number : 11 - Created on : Thursday, December 26, 2013
Name Email Address
tarique aziz
Home Page Country City/Area
- India dhanbad
 Guestbook Number : 12 - Created on : Saturday, September 28, 2013
Name Email Address
Home Page Country City/Area
- Afghanistan 5HslEz1u0Lx
As-Salamu `alaykum.Hajj is very important wohrsip in Islam, It is a pillar of Islam, and pillars are very important to become a true Muslim, May Allah (SWT) give us an ability to perform Hajj, Hajj is a fard as a minimum one time in a life but Hajj is not fard to those people who are financially weak.
 Guestbook Number : 13 - Created on : Friday, September 21, 2012
Name Email Address
Home Page Country City/Area
- Pakistan Dubai
Assalam o Alaikum. Dear Brothers can i have e-mail ID for Allama Abbas Razavi Sahib Jazakallah Khair
 Guestbook Number : 14 - Created on : Saturday, March 31, 2012
Name Email Address
shahrukh razvi
Home Page Country City/Area
- India pune
salam hazarath may app ka diwana how aur muzay app kay bayanath pasand pla muzay appki email id send karna allha app ko ilm may amal may barkatay atfarma
 Guestbook Number : 15 - Created on : Friday, February 24, 2012
Name Email Address
Home Page Country City/Area
- Pakistan Karachi
Assalam o Alaikum.. Please everbody pray for my sister Tahira Jabeen. She is on Ventilator in ICU. May Allah give her long healthy life. Aameen
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