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Welcome to web site. This web site is working under the guidance of Al-Haaj Syed Sabeehuddin Sabeeh Rehmani. In this web site you will find the Naat work done by the above Mentioned Al-Haaj Syed Sabeehuddin Sabeeh Rehmani.

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About Naat Rang


Naat Rang, as  a regular Urdu Book series, dedicated solely to Naat poetry and literature. Due to its conspicuous symbolic value is recognized among the lead topical literary journals through out the Urdu world. Started as bi-annual book series in 1995, Naat Rang is now being published regularly on every quarterly interval. With its origin in Karachi - Pakistan, it is circulated worldwide epically in the region where Urdu is spoken and understood at large including India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, Canada and USA etc. It has earned government acknowledgement both at national as well as international level for its unique role in Urdu Literature as a recipient of national award 2003 from the government of Pakistan and excellence award-200 from the government of Canada. Customized to the unique literary taste and mood of Naat lovers, it is admired immensely among a wide spectrum of Urdu readers who represent a cross section of interests and ideas. Combined with high standard of presentation, well-acknowledged research work of accredited Urdu thinkers, writers, poet, critics, intellectuals and scholars is the thickness of 800 pages, every issue of this distinct series appears to be an encyclopedia on the delicate and refined topic of Naat.

The task to interface a contemporary religious issue, like Naat is understandably enormous. Scope of such work becomes more overwhelming, especially when it is related to literature and academics. None to resemble, Naat Rang pioneered as a paradigm of how the "Naat" Poetry dedicated to express the glory of eminence of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Salallaho Alaihi Wasallam), religiously scared and spiritually sensitive issue, can be discussed intellectually and academically. Unparalleled in its way, without a negative label of conjecture and controversy with any section of Muslims. It explores Naat with objectivity and yet not compromising on the sanctity of its value and virtue. Inventory of its contents offers the readers a plethoric world of knowledge and understanding about Naat. It tracks down history and dynamics of this refined form of poetry in the context of technical and literary norms and thus presents to be intelligentsia and academic of Muslims world. The Glimpse into the chronology and anthropology of Naat. Scholars and writers of high repute and undisputed integrity, recognized for the purity of heat, humility of spirit and depth of knowledge having good grasp over theological, historical, philosophical, mystical, technical and intellectual dimensions of Naat contribute rigorously for this purpose. The logically and systematically unfolds inner and outer view of Naat and offers knowledge of social and cultural significance to the world of Muslim community for future literary research as a whole.

Each issue essentially contains a literary corner dedicated to spot light the Naat work of a particular poet besides presenting selection from the poetry of a diverse group of poets. Study, review, analysis and commentary on Naat work are presented in this issue. Moreover research articles and essays focused on Naat work done in various languages of the world other than Urdu, unfolding international perspectives of Naat brings into lime light the precious but squandered literary and debate on transient trends and traditional patterns of Naat arrange in its every issue a colorful buffet to be served as food for thought to the readers in terms of their letters from across the globe. This distinguished feature seeks to enlarge the scope and broaden  the canvas of this glorious form of the poetry, while reflecting on varied aspects of exquisite and gentle topic of Naat, this unique serial envisage its prime focus on careful assimilation of religious sanctity and intellectual diversity with an innovative approach. Non partisan to sectarian conflicts Naat Rang employs a pious but literary word done in the past and on going at present in Naat arena. Dedicated to promotion of Naat, this specialized and sophisticated journal, sponsoring ample opportunities open up enormous avenues of sharing and exchange as well as research and development in today's world of literature.

Naat Rang primarily is aimed to preserve and promote the Muslim literary tradition of Naat as the real Islamic heritage and to transfer it to the coming generations through greater Naat awareness.
Organizing forums like seminars, symposiums, workshops, courses, competitions and conferences on Naat. Publishing biographies of leading Naat Poets and presenters to document Naat history and launching the books of classical Naat work.

Search and discovery of Naat work in all languages and regions of the world, highlight this research work and arrange awards for master piece. To create linkages and maintain liaison with leading academics and literary institutions including universities and libraries around the globe for research and development of Naat.

Naat Rang in association with IQLEEM-e-NAAT, a literacy circle has established a Naat research center., chaired by Sabeeh Rehmani, the chief of both forums. This joint venture is involved both at national and the global scene in coalitions with a diverse group organizations concerned to Naat. A meaningful interaction among all such circles has produced a number of active partnerships for promotion of Naat around the world. These include:
  • Islamic Supreme Council ,Calgary - Canada
  • International Urdu Markaz, Washington USA
  • Islamic Center, Hag - Holland
  • Islamic Information Center, London - UK
  • International Naat Association, UK
  • Islamic Center, Tokyo - Japan
  • Naat Academy, UP - India
  • Urdu Writers Forum, Madinah - Saudi Arab
Truth about Naat Rang
  • In the context of its literary touchstone and the publishing elegance. I've never seen a magazine other than Naat Rang. (Dr. Jamil Jalibi, Ex VC, Karachi University).
  • Review of diverse aspects of literature initiated by Naat Rang has made the eloquent elite and intelligentsia, understand Naat with a new approach. (Dr. S.M Abdulkhair Kashfi, Leading Urdu Critic).
  • Naat Rang is a fortunate initiative towards re-forums. (Jamil-u-Din Aali, National Urdu Poet)
  • Naat Rang provides enlightening sight and argument on historic, aesthetic, technical and theological aspects of Naat. (Professor Hafiz Taib, Naat Poet).
  • Naat Rang has opened new avenues of understanding and knowing Naat not only in Indo-Pak subcontinent but through the Urdu world. (Professor Sehar Ansari, Urdu Poet and writer).


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