Naat Rang, as  a regular Urdu Book series, dedicated solely to Naat poetry and literature. Due to its conspicuous symbolic value is recognized among the lead topical literary journals through out the Urdu world. Started as bi-annual book series in 1995, Naat Rang is now being published regularly on every quarterly interval. With its origin in Karachi - Pakistan, it is circulated worldwide epically in the region where Urdu is spoken and understood at large including India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, Canada and USA etc. It has earned government acknowledgement both at national as well as international level for its unique role in Urdu Literature as a recipient of national award 2003 from the government of Pakistan and excellence award-200 from the government of Canada. Customized to the unique literary taste and mood of Naat lovers, it is admired immensely among a wide spectrum of Urdu readers who represent a cross section of interests and ideas. Combined with high standard of presentation, well-acknowledged research work of accredited Urdu thinkers, writers, poet, critics, intellectuals and scholars is the thickness of 800 pages, every issue of this distinct series appears to be an encyclopedia on the delicate and refined topic of Naat.

The task to interface a contemporary religious issue, like Naat is understandably enormous. Scope of such work becomes more overwhelming, especially when it is related to literature and academics. None to resemble, Naat Rang pioneered as a paradigm of how the "Naat" Poetry dedicated to express the glory of eminence of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Salallaho Alaihi Wasallam), religiously scared and spiritually sensitive issue, can be discussed intellectually and academically. Unparalleled in its way, without a negative label of conjecture and controversy with any section of Muslims. It explores Naat with objectivity and yet not compromising on the sanctity of its value and virtue. Inventory of its contents offers the readers a plethoric world of knowledge and understanding about Naat. It tracks down history and dynamics of this refined form of poetry in the context of technical and literary norms and thus presents to be intelligentsia and academic of Muslims world. The Glimpse into the chronology and anthropology of Naat. Scholars and writers of high repute and undisputed integrity, recognized for the purity of heat, humility of spirit and depth of knowledge having good grasp over theological, historical, philosophical, mystical, technical and intellectual dimensions of Naat contribute rigorously for this purpose. The logically and systematically unfolds inner and outer view of Naat and offers knowledge of social and cultural significance to the world of Muslim community for future literary research as a whole.