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The month of Ramadan, the month of blessings has come to you wherein ALLAH turns towards you and sends down to you this special Mercy, forgives your faults, accepts prayers, appreciates your competition for the greatest good and boasts to the Angels about you. So show to ALLAH your righteousness; for verily, the most pitiable and unfortunate one is he who is deprived of ALLAH's Mercy in this month. (Tabraani).


Albums of Naat-e-Rasool (Salallaho Alaihi Wasallam) on the occasion of Ramadan-ul-Kareem

01. Furqat-e-Ramadan
02. Maah-e-Gufraan Al-Widah
03. Ramadan Ki Aamad Marhaba
04. Mustafa Jaan-e-Rehmat Pay Laakhon Salam
05. ALLAH Nay Pohanchaya Sarkar Kay Qadmon Mein
06. Ae Madinay Ki Zameen
07. Sada-e-Madinah
08. Sooye Madinah
09. Ae Shehnshah-e-Madinah
11. Riaz-e-Rasool (Salallaho Alaihi Wasallam)
12. Mein Madinay Chala
13. Mujhay Bhi Madinay Bula Meray Maula
14. Mein Madinay Jaaoonga
15. Madinah-tul-Rasool (Salallaho Alaihi Wasallam)
16. Madinay Ki Hasrat
17. Madinay Chalo
18. Hazir Hain Hazir Hain Hum
19. Humay Duao Mein Yaad Rakhna
20. Hum Faqiron Ko Madinay Ki Gali Achi Lagi
21. Madinay Ki Galiyan
22. Taiba Kay Jaanay Walay
23. Sad Lo Madinay Aaqa
24. Mujhay Lay Chalo Madinah

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