October 26 , 2007
  • QTV - Quran Aur Hum Programs Recording has been added now. Currently 5 Programs which has been delivered between 16/09/2007 and 16/10/2007 are available to watch and download. Click here for Video Section or Click here for only Audio Section. More recordings will be updating on regularly basis.
 March 03 , 2007
 December 27, 2006 !! Hajj Special Update !!
  • "Wahabio Jawab Do" Poster has been added. Twelve (12) Questions asked by Hazrat Allama Qibla Mufti Mohammad Abbas Razavi (Damat Barakatahum ul Aaliya) to the Wahabis. Download it now! ( PDF Version ) - ( JPEG Version ).
  • 15 Dars-e-Quran by "Hazrat Allama Qibla Mufti Mohammad Abbas Razavi" has been updated in the Dars-e-Quran Section.
  • www.RazaEMustafa.net web site has been updated with the new Layout.
  • Speeces, Dars-e-Quran & Question/Answers titles has been updated in Urdu Language also.